Trial Token [TT]

Apply by: 12 June 2018
Value US$: $ 10.00 - $ 50.00


Trial Funds will support blockchain and smart-contract technology that connects plaintiffs with backers. Offering a platform for people who need access to justice, and also empowering the public to fund others in the pursuit of justice.


  • The whole bounty pool contains 2,000,000 Trial Tokens.
  • The bounty ends when we reach 75,000 members in our Telegram group.
  • You will get points for every task you do.
  • The bounty pool will be split up proportionally to the points on the 12th of June, 2018.


  • Join Telegram and input your details
  • Follow Twitter and your done
  • Follow facebook page

You will get 50 points for joining our Telegram group .Provide Information to Bot while staying in the telegram

You will get 50 points for every successful referral made with a maximum limit of 200 counted referrals per day. This makes the bounty fair for all users. If the referee doesn’t join our group or leaves it before the bounty ends on 12th June, 2018 you will loose the referral points.

You get 5 points for every like and 10 points for every retweet you do on the 10 most recent tweets of
You need at least 30 followers on Twitter to participate in Twitter bounty.
The Twitter points are updated once per hour.


All participants will be checked for fraud and fake accounts, anyone using any unfair means to participate in the bounty will be disqualified and banned from our group.

Like , Share & Retweet !


  • Information furnished is in good faith and for the promotion of crypto community
  • Airdrops are free and never pay for it
  • Never share your private key with anyone !!! 
  • Good luck in Airdrop hunts !!